I love to walk through the UT campus to Pease Park from the seminary, where it is within our "walkshed" (a 2-mile radius). But the park, located along the Shoal Creek hike and bike trail, is equally within the walkshed of the convention center. Shoal Creek is a cool, shady sanctuary in the summertime. BEST OF ALL: the artist Patrick Dougherty worked with local Austinites to create a series of whimsical stickwork constructions (like play houses), made of locally harvested saplings. The work is called Yippee Ki Yay, which should actually be enough to make anyone want to go play in it. Yippee Ki Yay can be accessed via 24th St., where it's easy to cross Lamar at the crosswalk. Turn left along the creek.
Jane Patterson
Pease Park is an urban park in central Austin, Texas. Paralleling Shoal Creek west of downtown, the park is frequented by University of Texas at Austin students and disc golf enthusiasts. Wikipedia
Address: 1100 Kingsbury St, Austin, TX 78705
Area: 42 acres
Monday 5AM–10PM
Tuesday 5AM–10PM
Wednesday 5AM–10PM
Thursday 5AM–10PM
Friday 5AM–10PM
Saturday 5AM–10PM
Sunday 5AM–10PM
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Jane Patterson

Associate Professor of New Testament and Director of Community Care
Seminary of the Southwest